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If you’re a Guatemalan tourism company or guide, I can help you get extra eyes on your products and services. I post advertisements here on my travel blog. I can also write blog posts and website content for you in either English or Spanish. If you’re looking for ways to improve customer experiences with your company, I offer consulting services.

Freelance Writing and Editing

I am a writer with over ten years of experience in writing and editing. I have worked in a variety of genres and in both creative and business settings, including writing and ghost-writing website content, SEO-optimized blog posts, email campaigns, memoirs, novels, essays, and more. My specialty is engaging audiences through creative storytelling.

Get in touch for examples of my work or to ask about your specific project needs. I’d be thrilled to work with you!


I do keyword research and write original SEO-optimized blog posts written to your specifications. The posts are written with your audience in mind and organized in a way that helps your post rank on google and get clicks.

Writing Website Content

Original website content designed to engage your target audience and achieve your website goals

Email Campaigns

I write emails and email marketing campaigns tailored to your organization’s needs. I design campaigns that hook your audience’s attention, increase interest and engagement, and encourage action.


As an editor, my goal is to help your voice and message be clear, bright, and engaging. It’s time for your writing to pop off the page.

Beta Reading

Thanks to my own book-writing journey, I have on-the-ground knowledge of what kind of feedback is most helpful, practical, and constructive for writers of both fiction and non-fiction. As a beta-reader, I offer thorough, detailed feedback on your work as a whole. In fiction, I’m especially passionate about story structure, great dialogue, and story-driven characters. In non-fiction, I focus on engaging readers through concise beautiful writing, well-organized content, and story-telling elements.

  • Story structure, plot holes, inconsistencies
  • Readability, tone, POV, and pacing.
  • Suggestions to improve clarity, impact, and flow of prose
  • Identification of character inconsistencies, on-the-nose dialogue, etc.
  • Suggestions to correct clichés and other issues
  • Catch grammar mistakes/light proofreading
  • As well as advice, support, links, resources, & recommendations

Beta Reading add-ons:

  • Phone Deep Dive – we can get into the nitty-gritty of your particular manuscript, swap writing strategies, or anything else writing and editing related.
  • Feedback after Revisions – Want to make sure your changes were effective? I offer feedback after you implements the suggested revisions from the first round beta-read.
  • Book description feedback and rewriting suggestions – Make sure your book description will grab attention and help you make sales.


If you’re looking for a Spanish-to-English translator, I can help. I focus on accuracy as well as native-sounding speech and writing patterns. This will communicate the target meaning in an engaging and gripping manner.

Contact Yvonne by writing her at: yvonne at guateadventure dot com.