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7 Best Acatenango Hike Tour Companies 2023

Ready for the challenge and exhilaration of hiking Acatenango Volcano? All you have to do now is choose which Acatenango hike tour company to book. There are a lot of them, so I’ve tried to simplify the process for you by putting together a list of the top-rated companies offering Acatenango hike tours.

Have a look below for some quick information on what each tour company includes, their price tags, and a handful of reviews for each one so you can make the most informed choice.

Table of Contents:

V-Hiking Tours – $65
Wicho & Charlie’s – $65
OX Expeditions – $89
Old Town Outfitters – $125
Trek Guatemala – $149
Tropicana Tours – $67
Balam Tours – $61.50

Acatenango Hike Tour with V-Hiking Tours

Watching Fuego Erupt during Acatenango Volcano Hike
Watching neighboring Fuego Volcano Erupt during Acatenango Volcano Hike

V-Hiking Tours is one of the best Acatenango Hike Tour Companies available. The company was founded by owner-operator Elvin Soy, an Inguat-certified guide. Elvin grew up in the town of San José Calderas, just two miles from the Acatenango Volcano trailhead. He started climbing when he was six years old, so he has a lifetime of experience on the mountain.

Elvin founded this company to provide work opportunities for people in his community. This way, they won’t have to emigrate to the U.S. and can provide for their families.

Book with this tour company for an awesome trekking experience. Not only that, you’ll get a cultural experience as well—eating a typical Guatemalan breakfast prepared in the home of your guide.

Still not sure? V-Hiking has 57 Trip Advisor reviews. One is “Very Good” the other 56 are “Excellent.”

Cost of the Acatenango Hike Tour with V-Hiking

Q500 per person for tourists
Q400 per person for Guatemalans


  • Private Round-trip transportation from your hotel in Antigua to the volcano
  • Professional Inguat-licensed guides
  • Entrance into the park
  • Food:
  • 2 Breakfasts (one will be a typical breakfast prepared by the mother of the guide)
  • 2 Lunches
  • 1 Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Camping Equipment: Tents, comfortable mattresses, clean sleeping bags

Does Not Include:

Guide gratuity
Additional backpacking/Hiking Supplies

What to pack and bring yourself

  • Comfortable (non-cotton) or quick-drying pants and shirts
  • Shoes or boots with thick soles and good traction
  • Two pairs of socks (to change into in the evening)
  • Sunglasses if the weather is sunny
  • Warm sweater (fleece) for the evening.
  • Two layers of clothing to keep warm: (thermal shirt and long sleeve shirt.) 
  • Waterproof jacket or windbreaker
  • Tuc or beanie cap
  • Warm gloves
  • Flashlight (headlamp with sufficient charge, or extra batteries)
  • Bandana
  • Personal medications if you have medications prescribed by your physician
  • Personal hygiene kit (toilet paper roll, disinfectant gel etc.) 
  • At least 3 liters of water
  • Backpack that fits all the equipment on this list (35-45 liters)

Important Information about the Acatenango Hike Tour with V-Hiking Tours

  • Pickup at your hotel in Antigua is at 7 a.m.
  • Book through the V-Trekking Website
  • There is one guide for every 7 trekkers
  • Their private camp has great views of Fuego erupting
  • All the meals will be freshly prepared and hot
  • Sunrise from the summit

What they say about themselves:

Elvin, the founder of V-Trekking “began offering tours to Acatenango to provide employment for his family and the people of his community so that they would not have to migrate to the United States like many others. And also to show tourists the warmth and hospitality that Guatemala has to offer.”

Amazing views at camping area, excellent coordination and professional tour guides. The best there is! Great experience. – Marielos W

V-Hiking tours are the best around. I did this tour with my brother on 11/02/22 and couldn’t have been happier with our experience. Elvin and his guides are amazing – very hard working, laid back and friendly. Food was tasty from the breakfast at the family home to the spaghetti dinner in the evening and tents were comfortable. Our group was really interesting and kind, a massive difference from the other tour companies (Ox, Wicho and Charlies etc) who seemed chavvy and loud. Camp is at the front so he the best view of Fuego. No need to carry tents, cooking water etc up like other tour companies. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a friendly, hard-working, kind and reliable tour company. Thank you to Elvin and his team! -Daniel

I highly recommend V-Hiking tours. They are the people who formed all the Acatenango guides. They are the ones who started the mountaineering activity of the area. They have great knowledge and put safety first, unlike other tours you’ll find in the area. Elvin and his family also spend 10% of your purchase on charity activities of the Acatenango communities. They are a super committed and warm family. Enjoy your trip, you won’t regret it. -Sebson

Thank you V-hiking, that’s was amazing!

Many thanks to Elvin, his family and crew, we passed probably one of the best moments of our world tour. From start to the end, everything was perfect: travel, food, treks, camping… He has invited us in his family to degust Guatemaltec dinner and breakfast, try traditional clothes etc… During the trek and in the camp, all the guides were really attentive, food was good, tent was comfortable, and of course, el magico fuego 😍. Unforgettable, we hope we will see you again one day. – Oceane

One of the most amazing experiences of my life. My partner and I got picked up right near our air b&b by Elvin, driven to his home and ate a traditional & tasty homemade breakfast made by his very sweet mom, who showed me how to make tortillas 🙂 Rony, our guide for the journey, joined us soon after and we headed to the trailhead. Rony was so much fun and extremely competent- I felt incredibly secure to complete the arduous hike with him as our guide. We were an athletic group and got up to the campsite in about 3-3.5 hours; Rony set everything up when we got there, made a fire, hot cocoa, coffee, and then dinner. He was a great conversationalist and made the experience what it was: so great and memorable. I had an emotional experience with those volcanoes let me tell you. Thank you SO much V Hiking team. We highly recommend this crew.

******Also, side note to tourists, please consider when making your travel plans to go with Guatemalan-owned businesses. Most of the travel agencies in Antigua central are owned by internationals. Buy local always.******** – Lauren m e

GREAT EXPERIENCE – Elvin and his family were so accommodating and helpful to help us get ready before climbing the volcano. No worry if you don’t have equipment, they have everything!!! Then, the next day we climbed the volcano and our guide was so nice and motivating!

We arrived at the camp where there was a nice shelter and the camp is super well organized – all the equipment provided is top quality and I was not cold at all!!! The guide prepared our food at night and then the next morning we woke up at 3.30 am to go to the top. The experience is amazing but more than that, Elvin was so nice and welcomed us into his family!

This is a magical experience – and no worry if you are not the most experienced climber ever, they go at your rhythm and no one rushes you. I think with motivation, everyone can do it. I highly recommend V-hiking you won’t be disappointed!! – Virginie DL

Review Sources

Go to V-Hiking Tours Site

Acatenango Hike Tour with Wicho & Charlie’s

Sun rising behind Agua during Acatenango hike tour
Sun rising behind Agua volcano during Acatenango hike tour

Wicho & Charlie’s is a hostel located in Antigua Guatemala. In 2017 they branched out and started offering overnight Acatenango hike tours. They provide plant-based food, high-quality guides, and high-quality gear. Proceeds from the hike help feed 600 dogs and 200 cats at animal sanctuaries and also helps plant 500 trees every year.

What really sets Wicho & Charlie’s apart is that instead of offering tents, they have A-frame cabins at base camp, that will keep you out of the wind and cold, and safe from eruptions. They also summit Acatenango at sunset (usually), which I personally loved when I did my hike up the volcano. Once hikers reach base camp, they have the option to tack on the Fuego Volcano tour for an additional fee (paid upon return).


All Included Acatenango Hike Tour Package:

*Includes: 3 meals, snacks, guide, cabin with camping gear, essential gear, and transportation

  • $65 per person (staying in a shared cabin)
  • $79.5 per person (staying in a private two-person cabin – total comes to $159)
Economy Acatenango Hike Tour Package

*Includes: guide, cabin with camping gear, and transportation

  • $45 per person (staying in a shared cabin)
  • $57.50 per person (staying in a private two-person cabin – total comes to $115)
Gear Rentals
  • $1.5 each for hat, scarf, buff, winter gloves, multi-layer jacket (included in the All Included Package)
  • $7 for a 40-liter backpack
  • $3 for a trekking pole
  • $2.5 for thermal base layers
  • $2 for merino wool socks
  • $1 for a 250-lumen headlamp
  • $1.5 for three AAA batteries (for headlamp)
  • $5 for boots (check availability)
Porter Services on Acatenango Hike

*Paid to porter in cash. USD amounts below are estimates.

  • $20 (Q 150) for 22 pounds
  • $26 (Q200) for 23-33 pounds
  • $32 (Q250) for 34-44 pounds
Other Optional Add-ons:

$8 for a 1 liter box of wine

All Included Acatenango Hike Tour Package Includes:

  • Bilingual community guide trained in first aid, mountain rescue and evac (1 guide for every 6 hikers)
  • A-frame cabins at base camp, either shared (8 people) or private (2 people) with -10º sleeping bags, two ponchos, 6-inch foam mattress, and pillow
  • Kitchen at base camp with gas-stove and basic eating and cooking gear (minimal wood use and no single use plastics to protect the environment)
  • Beach chairs at base camp
  • Roundtrip transportation to trail-head in a certified and insured tourism bus
  • Three Meals plus Snacks
    • Lunch: Adobo soy protein, rice & beans with cilantro sauce
    • Dinner: Lentil curry with rice and bread
    • Breakfast: Instant Oats & PBJ sandwich
    • Snacks: apple, banana, 2 granola bars, peanuts
  • Gear
    • Beanie hat
    • Scarf
    • Buff
    • Quality winter gloves
    • Jacket, wind-breaker, middle layer
    • Water bottle

Does not include:

  • Entrance Fee and Hiking Permit (approximately $15)
  • Extra snacks
  • Clothing
  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Toilet Paper
  • Camera
  • Guide gratuity

Important Info about the Acatenango hike tour:

  • Arrive at the agency at 8 am
  • Storage area available
  • 9 am departure from Antigua
  • Once hikers reach base camp, they can choose to proceed to Fuego Volcano for an additional fee (paid upon return). This hike includes a safety helmet and masks against volcanic fumes.
  • Sunset at the summit (unless weather makes this impossible, in which case it is swapped to a sunrise hike)
  • Showers available at the agency for a $1-2 donation
  • Be aware of their refund and cancelation policy:
    • You must cancel 18 or more hours in advance of the hike if you want a refund.
    • If Wicho & Charlie’s cancels the hike due to weather, natural disasters, or the pandemic, you will receive an 80-100% refund.
    • There are no refunds or discounts for the Fuego hike if you participate, regardless of views or weather

What they say about themselves:

“The story of Wicho & Charlie started early in the ’90s with our two dads raising us with an entrepreneurial spirit. The attitude to do things right and that there’s no higher purpose than to be of service to others.”

“We don’t use tents. We believe in safety. Our cabins are a safe shelter ready to withstand eruptions like the one in 2018 and also protect you against the possible harsh weather in Acatenango. We care about you, your experience, and your safety without compromising quality. 

“We have the only cabins on the volcano with good quality gear that is already waiting for you at camp”

Review Roundup for the Acatenango hike tour with Wicho & Charlie’s

Wicho & Charlie’s is amazing!!! The guides were so kind, helpful, encouraging, and patient. They wanted everyone to have a good experience. The gear rentals were great as well! Good spot on Acatenango to see Fuego all night long. Can’t say enough good things! Kathryn B

Thank you so much, Wicho & Charlie’s for making this experience possible! very uncomplicated, chilled and professional! Was very thankful for the wooden tents;) Everyone visiting Guatemala should go to Acatenango/Fuego… it‘s sooooooo much worth it. you have to work hard for it – but you can do it. Great job guys! Olivia

Had a great experience with our tour guide Benjamin climbing Acatenango and doing the additional hike to Fuego. This hike was the main purpose of our trip and we initially had trouble finding a guide until we heard about Wicho and Charlie’s. They had all the gear for us to rent. They have sturdy metal A-frame cabins at base camp which adds some extra peace of mind since your so close to Fuegos eruptions. I would highly recommend 4.5 L of water per person and take lots of layers as it’s very cold at the summit. Jeff A

Did the 2-day 1-night Acatentango hike as quite a last-minute decision due to the high recommendation for another backpacker who had done the trip a few days before.
Popped into Wicho&Charlie one evening and found the staff super friendly and helpful and reassuring.
Came back the next day to book and spoke to another member of staff who was also excellent, really putting us at ease and felt secure choosing this company… Once at base camp you can choose to stay there, continue for 1.5hrs up to the summit for sunset and 30mins down, or 1.5hrs across to Fuego and 2hrs back. As we could see how close Fuego was and how amazing it looked, we opted to hike over to Fuego. You leave at 4:30, arriving just before sunset at 6. Fairly easy hike over, and the views from the top are totally worth the extra effort and cost (extra 200Q pp). They give you lovely hot chocolate while you watch the sunset and wait for the lava eruptions! The trek back in the dark is harder – really have to concentrate on the slippery sandy paths by the light of your head torch, and it’s a hard climb back up after a long day. But still so worth the effort.
The guides, porters, equipment, communication, price, perfect timing of everything made this trip perfect.
The breakfast at the agency on the first morning was brilliant, great packed lunch to eat on the way up, ample dinner, and a nice porridge the following morning.
Really glad we did the trip, and can highly recommend Wicho.
What an experience. Expressive-one

Review Sources:

Go to Wicho & Charlie’s Site

Acatenango Hike Tour with OX Expeditions

threesome on looking at Fuego volcano during Acatenango hike tour
Viewing Fuego during Acatenango hike tour

OX Expeditions was founded “by mountaineers for mountaineers.” This company is known for quality gear, quality food, and professional guides certified in wilderness safety. On their Acatenango hike tour, they focus on client safety and comfort. They are also an eco-friendly company that supports Guatemalan kids by teaching them English, stewardship of the environment, and guide skills.

OX Expeditions targets adventure-seekers. They offer a range of action-packed tours such as mountain biking, kayaking, zip-lining, surfing, and of course, trekking volcanoes!

Cost of the Acatenango hike tour:



  • Roundtrip transportation from Antigua
  • Camping gear
  • Warm clothes at no extra cost
  • Breakfast before the tour, plus lunch, dinner, and breakfast on the tour, fresh coffee
  • Bi-lingual professional guide
  • Pre-trip meeting the day prior
  • Free locker storage for luggage

Does not include:

  • Entrance fee
  • Snacks
  • Guide gratuity

Important Info about the Acatenango hike tour:

  • Book one week in advance
  • Leaves Antigua at 7 AM
  • Includes a crater run challenge where you have the chance to win a t-shirt
  • Sunrise at the peak

What OX Expeditions say about themselves:

“We climb this volcano more than all our competition combined, rain or shine. Our professional guide team and organized procedures work hard to manage the unpredictable chaos of mother nature to provide a high-quality experience. It’s all about the details. We want each and every client to have an enjoyable time no matter where the adventure takes us. Another thing that sets us apart is we really care about the environment. Call us traditional but we pride ourselves on leaving no trace; we take all our gear up and bring everything back down. Hiking this way we protect the fragile volcanic ecosystem that we love so much.”

Review Roundup for the OX Expeditions Acatenango hike tour

This hike was WILD! It is definitely not for the faint of heart but you set your mind to it and go with a guide like Alonzo you’ll make it no problem. Alonzo from Ox was super skilled and let us know all of the ups and downs (mostly ups of the hike ?) He made the trip awesome and it made this extremely hard hike much more fun. Sara Reiland (1)

A perfect trip – great guide (Romero) who provided thoughtful and insightful information regarding the hike, the mountains, the flora and fauna as well as the people. KC S (1)

My boyfriend and I booked the Acatenango overnight hike with Ox Expeditions & were very happy with our adventure with them. Our guide was super knowledgeable and continually kept us updated with how much longer we had to go and made sure we had enough breaks to stop and rest. This is NOT an easy hike by ANY means, but the crew made sure that everybody stuck together. I also loved that once we got to base camp, we got the option to do the ‘double whammy’ and go to Fuego as well. We opted in for that, and MAN was that a cool experience. Ox was very professional in not letting us get TOO close to the erupting volcano, but finding us a nice spot where we could sit and see the eruptions out of the strong winds as best we can. On our way down, another company left behind an older man who was struggling to get down the mountain. With all the loose dirt, he kept falling. Our guide helped him down the rest of the way! If you are planning on doing either of these hikes, DEFINITELY go with Ox. There’s no better company to go with. Megan C (1)

Pay the extra, it’s worth every cent. They provide ample food to keep you going from the morning to the end of the trip. They have great knowledgeable and helpful guides (Romeo & Daniel, you guys rock!), they are great at timing for sunsets and sunrises so you are first on the peaks to watch the lava show out of Fuego and get the best seats, even for sunrises on Acatengo. Plenty of rest breaks but still keep you on time. They don’t care how slow you are, they have endless patience and work really well as a team to keep you motivated and check on you when they notice you might not be doing too well. Tammy (1)

I am a very experienced hiker but this experience was unpleasant. There were far too few guides and they left us because we “went too slow” and kept rushing us even though several people were sick from the altitude. There was no support and the guide kept wanting to split up the group so we had to walk alone even though it was completely dark. We only got a single piece of bread in many hours. Katja (1)
Review Sources: 1

Check Rates and Book the OX Expedition Acatenango Hike Tour

Acatenango Hike Tour with Old Town Outfitters

Enjoying Fuego Volcanoe's eruptions from the summit of Acatenango
Enjoying Fuego Volcanoe’s eruptions from the summit of Acatenango

Another great Acatenango hike tour company to consider is Old Town Outfitters. They have been in business for twenty years and has high reviews across the board. They are focused on offering unique experiences, including custom-tailored tours. They are known for high-quality guides and high-quality gear.

Old Town Outfitters also leads mountain bike tours across Guatemala and may be able to organize a custom Acatenango Mountain Bike trip. Just head to their website, get in touch through the contact form, and let them know what you’re looking for.

Cost of the Acatenango Hike Tour with Old Town Outfitters:

$125-170 (dependent on number of people)


  • Roundtrip Transportation (from Antigua)
  • Local guide
  • Local bilingual guide with first aid training
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch on the trail, dinner, breakfast, snacks, juice, coffee, tea
  • Tents, sleeping bags and mats.
  • Available for free upon request: backpacks, trekking poles, jackets
  • Orientation video and pdfs

Does not include:

  • Backpack
  • Additonal snacks
  • Water
  • Clothing
  • Hiking boots
  • Flashlight/headlight
  • Porter

Important Info: 

  • The hike leaves at 7:45 and returns around noon the next day.
  • Sunrise at the peak
  • You can also opt to tack on their “Mountain to Sea” Tour, which will take you directly from the volcano to El Paredón Surf House, where you can relax on the beach and take a surfing lesson.

What they say about themselves:

Go with the most-trusted operator, we have 20+ years of operating on Acatenango volcano and with our guides you will be in the best hands.”

“Every Old Town Outfitters’ product is committed to honoring our sustainable tourism philosophy:

  • Work to support the local communities in all of the areas we visit
  • Respect the cultures, beliefs and traditions in all of the areas we visit
  • Respect the environment, work to utilize resources sustainably, and minimize our impact”
Review Roundup for Acatenango hike tour with Old Town Outfitters

Wow! The hike was a good challenge but too much, the gear (tents, sleeping bags) was comfortable and in good shape, and the views we’re SPECTACULAR. I have traveled the globe quite a bit and sitting around the campfire under a star-lit evening next to a live volcano spewing lava and sharing chili and wine with friends is an experience that his hard to beat. Our tour guide Old Town Outfitters was on top of everything … our guides cool and certainly knew what they were doing. Hands down the best activity in and around Antigua! Rich (1)

Old Town outfitters has friendly staff in their office and engaging guides on the trail. The food was great and plentiful; no shortage of snacks. Old Town’s campsite is in a perfect location to see Fuego errupting. Per our guuide’s suggestion, we changed the plan upon arriving at camp and decided as a group to continue on to the summit rather than summit in the morning as originally planned. It turned out to be a great decision as the views of the sunset were sensational! Angus (1)

Old town was excellent, very professional, safe and they gave us a choice between hot chocolate or a touch of wine at base camp. The food was great and the views are unbelievable. Bryant (1)

The guides were knowledgeable and made sure to check in with the group often. Camp setup was great and the gear was perfect for the cold temperatures at night. Food was excellent. Roberto C (2)
We had the most incredible time with Mario and Juan Pablo with Old Town Outfitters! The hike was crazy hard, but the views were so worth it! Watching Fuego erupt all night – FANTASTIC! And these guys, they took such good care of us. Great personalities, very professional, and so encouraging. Loved every part of our experience! Kristi C (2)

Our guide Juan Carlos was great! His English was good and he took really great care of us!
I had one porter up and down which I can highly recommend, especially when you’re going up alone, it’s a lot of gear to carry by yourself with all the mandatory water and warm clothes (which you really need!).

The gear in in great shape, the food was really nice (build your own taco, on top of a mountain with fresh guacamole) and I loved the views and the hiking! Angela (2)
The great thing about Old Town Outfitters is that everything is arranged perfectly: 2 English speaking guides on 4 people, freshly made lunch with tortillas, avocado, beans, etc. instead of carrying your own box with some bread and peanut butter, top located tents in base camp, dinner, drinks,… Our guides Juan Carlos and Josias were great, professional and told us a lot on the road. We’ve seen groups of 20 people on 1 guide and we were so happy that we booked the tour with Old Town Outfitters. Bart R (2)

Old Town is the best company in Antigua!! Their guides are so friendly and knowledgeable and the office staff is efficient and helpful. We have used them for Pacaya and Acatenango trips and look forward to our next excursion with them. Highly highly recommended!! Briana Havey (3)

Review Sources 1, 2, 3

Go to Old Town Outfitters Site

Acatenango Hike Tour with Trek Guatemala

View of Atítlan during Acatenango hike tour
View of Atítlan during Acatenango hike

One reason to choose Trek Guatemala to lead your Acatenango hike tour is because this company leads trekking expeditions all over Guatemala. They focus on culture, service, and sustainability. One of their selling points is that a place is all about the people. They want their clients to experience Guatemalan culture by meeting local people.

Based on reviews of other walking/hiking tours organized by Trek Guatemala, they can accommodate special diets and allergies.

Cost of Acatenango hike tour with Trek Guatemala:

  • 2 guests: $229 per guest
  • 3 guests: $189 per guest
  • 4-5 guests: $169 per guest
  • 6+ guests: $149 per guest


  • Pre-departure packing list and trip briefing
  • Multi-lingual trekking guide with certified first-aid training
  • Roundtrip transportation from Antigua to Acatenango trailhead
  • Park entrance fees
  • Day 1 meals: lunch, dinner + snacks
  • Day 2 meals: breakfast + snacks
  • High-quality tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and trekking poles

Does not include:

  • Large capacity backpack (50L) +/ – available for rental at additional cost
  • Flashlight/headlamp – available for rental at additional cost
  • Cold-weather clothing – available for rental at additional cost
  • Hiking boots/shoes
  • Raincoat (May through October)
  • 4-6L of water
  • Guide gratuity

Important Info:

  • Leaves Antigua at 8 AM
  • Morning at the peak after an early breakfast

What they say about themselves:

“The summit of Acatenango is an extreme environment where things can, and have, gone wrong for hikers who are ill-prepared for the conditions. Tales of fly-by-night operators with leaky tents and unwashed sleeping bags leaving slower hikers behind are common from visitors deceived by their lower prices.”

“With nearly 20 years managing adventure travel in Guatemala, you can trust our team to keep you safe, satisfied and smiling.”

Review Roundup of Acatenango hike tour with Trek Guatemala

Was an absolute blast with Mario being an experienced and great tour guide. Fernando did a great job in leading the group up to the summit and carrying up food and sleeping bags. Has top equipment, considers different levels of fitness and provides lip-smacking comfort food. Murphy’s trips

We initially booked a private tour with the caveat that if others wanted to join us they could. We were delighted when we receive a partial refund from Trek Guatemala to have Bethany and Laurie join us for the climb. Mario our guide was simply Awesome, not only knowledgeable on the trail and volcanoes but also providing information on flora and fauna as well as local culture along the way. And it must be added that Hyme our porter provided incredible assistance, support and motivation as well. Mike2018Roatan

Trek Guatemala was prepared with a great guide who spoke Spanish, English, and French. The provided equipment, and rental gear if needed, was all new and of very good quality. The food was very good and our guide prepared lunch, dinner, and breakfast that other hiking groups were jealous of. Our guide made guacamole with tomatoes and onions at the stop. There were tortillas, chips, pastries, apples, bread, and refried beans. Dinner was sliced bread with tomato topping and a bottle of wine to start with. The entree was bow tie pasta, tomatoes, salad. Top off with S’mores at the end. Breakfast the next morning was after the ascent and included strawberries, granola, yogurt, apples, coffee and tea. The food was excellent and I may have missed a few items, but you won’t go hungry…Our tents were set up when we arrived and a nice touch was the thermarest chair made out of the sleeping pad. The only improvement I would suggest at camp would be to have a few log benches at least to sit on because it’s all lava rock. Hadfun2018

 The whole process was awesome from the booking to completing the hike.
Billy was our guide and spoke great English and his knowledge of the area was great. The experience was unreal from the change climate as you get higher on Acatenango from the fresh food we are along the way. I would recommend these guys to anyone that want to experience Acatenango as they had the best spot at base camp for viewing the eruptions. Jayn86

Review Sources:

Go to Trek Guatemala Site

Acatenango Hike Tour with Tropicana Tours

lone hiker on Acatenango volcano summit
Acatenango summit

If you want to hike Acatenango with a company that has lots of experience, Tropicana Hostel may be the choice for you. They have led over 10,000 tours up Acatenango volcano. They offer hikes every Saturday, throw in a free breakfast, and offer vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-intolerant options for their meals. All meals are vegetarian/plant-based.

Tropicana helps support the local community in La Soledad by hiring local guides, enabling them to stay in their communities instead of traveling to the city for work. They pay they above average and also equip them with good boots and cold-weather gear.

Another bonus with Tropicana is that they now have wooden cabins which will keep you out of the wind and cold.

Their guides are not bilingual, however. If that is important to you, you may wish to choose a different company.


$67 per person to join the Saturday group hike

Gear Rentals for the Acatenango hike with Tropicana

Choose any 3 items for 3 USD ($3 deposit)
  • Jacket
  • Sweater
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Pants
Any 1 item for $7 ($15 deposit)
  • Running Shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Backpack
1 item for $3 ($5 deposit)
  • Headlamp

Tropicana Acatengango hike Includes:

  • Sleeping bag, mat, and wooden cabins with views of Fuego
  • Local Community Guide
  • Meals:
    • Breakfast before the hike
    • 3 vegetarian meals (vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant options available upon request)
    • Snacks
    • Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
    • One glass of wine
    • Marshmallows to roast at the campfire.
  • Roundtrip Transportation to and from the trailhead
  • Free storage at the hostel
  • Free shower and towel at the hostel after the trek, at no extra cost.

Does not include:

  • Guide gratuity
  • Backpack/Cold-weather Gear/Walking sticks
  • Water
  • Headlamps

Important Info:

  • Non-English-speaking Guides
  • Tropicana leads hikes every Saturday, but may have hikes on other days (inquire)
  • Sunrise at the peak
  • Arrive at the hostel at 8am for the free breakfast
  • Shuttle departs at 9am
  • Campfire and marshmallow roast included
  • Pet friendly
  • Family friendly

What they say about themselves:

“To make your excursion unforgettable, we will send you a packing list, conduct a pre-trip in-person briefing, serve you delicious meals, and make sure you are safe and satisfied.”

Review Roundup for Acatenango hike with Tropicana Tours

Struggle but definitely worth the hike. Great team and amazing guides (Cristián, Jairo y one more) highly recomendó it. Havannah C

They have the best view of the Fuego volcano, incredible guides, good food, and the price is accessible. Luis G

This trip was totally amazing, the hike was spectacular, I went with my kids and Tropicana made everything so easy, the food, the gear, the guides, the wooden cabins (that btw were just perfect for this kind of overnight), we definitely recommend it for all ages. Beth Smith

Went on here to find a tour company, everyone raves about Tropicana. Chose them. Yes, some of the food and location are fantastic. That’s about it. Arrived at the hostel, and you’re treated as a resource immediately. No intro, nothing whatsoever. Just follow the herd! …Guides didn’t speak any english, but this isn’t on them — Tropicana should provide a translator as every.single.sign at their location is in English. Tsk tsk Tropicana. Tsk tsk. Onto the hike with lots of breaks. Good job here… Stunning lava explosions. Wow. I mean wow! You’re so close!!! Back in Antigua, Tropicana again treated us as an ATM. Gave out 3 free beers (out of 19 travels) in order to entice us as a group to stay there and hash out our adventures together (it worked, we were tired and ready to sit back and laugh and drink beers and gin’n’tonics). James M

A must-do hike. I was advised by a friend to book the trekking with Tropicana and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Booking was easy. Despite booking the wrong day, the agency changed the date only charging me for the wasted food. They offer rental of any gear you might need, peace of mind! Once on the field we had the two awesome guides Edwin and Juan. Lovely, kind and patient, making the whole experience even more special. They looked after us at all times, giving us generous breaks in a not easy hike. They served us dinner and we had a nice cabin (instead of rival companies tents) with comfy beds. Fire volcano didn’t stop spitting lava all night, so great for pics but bad for sleep. Bring earplugs! Next morning, after being up the crater, we had a nice breakfast and back to the starting point. I cannot stress more to advise you booking the hike with Edwin & Juan. What a nice couple of guys! Joan S

Unique experience to watch the lava eruptions of Volcan fuego from Volcan Acatenango. After some recommendations, we went with the agency of Tropicana hostel, and would definitely go with them again. Great base camp, comfy sleeping, lots of food and some other surprises. Jairo was a great guide and served us riddles on the way to take our minds off the hard and steep hike??saludos from Annike – Noruega. Beatrice_Roma187791

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Acatenango Hike Tour with Balam Tours

Campsite with view of Fuego during Acatenango hike tour
One of the campsites in the Alotenango camping area

Balam Tours is another great Acatenango hike tour company. They have high ratings for their hand-picked, safety-conscious guides, quality gear, and good food. They offer vegetarian and vegan menu options and include extra bonuses like wine, hot chocolate, and a campfire. Unlike other tours, they offer to pick you up right from your hostel (as long as it’s in central Antigua).

They are currently offering private tours (2 person minimum).

Cost of hiking Acatenango with Balam Tours:

$55 plus Q50 ($6.50 approximately) for entrance to the park.


  • Roundtrip transportation from central Antigua to the Trailhead
  • Gear:
    • Jacket
    • Gloves
    • Hat
    • Walking stick
    • Flashlight
    • Boots (limited sizes, check with them beforehand)
    • Backpacks (limited quantity available)
  • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, and a bonus evening snack at the campfire, plus wine and hot chocolate
  • Stay in a four-season camping dome with a cot, sleeping bag, pillow, and extra blanket
  • Private toilet (clean, secluded, and with a view)

Does not include:

  • Water
  • Guide Gratuity
  • Snacks during the hike

Important Info about Balaam Acatenango hike:

  • 8:30-9am Shuttle Pickup at hostels in central Antigua
  • Sunrise at the Peak

What they say about themselves:

It’s time to remember what it’s like to feel alive. Experience nature displaying its true beauty with the tour of a lifetime.

Review Roundup for the Acatenango hike tour with Balaam

Amazing trekking on Acetenango. Warm coats, gloves, hats and extra blankets were provided. Great food, also vegetarian. Best guide ever. We were 8 people and we had an amazing guide in Isaias. Very caring, attentive and cheery; waking us up with a bright Hola hola. And even carried one of our group down when her knee ‘gave up’. Views were magical, also from the basecamp. We could see El Fuego from quite close by. The tents were strong and decent and we slept on camping beds. Great experience with this tour company! Yessica Y

Our guide Jamie was wonderful and the food was excellent. We were given jackets, gloves, poles, rain ponchos, really good sleeping gear up the mountain, and a fantastic view of Volcán Fuego from our campsite. Balam was an excellent company to use and the experience was our best in Guatemala. Wendy W

We did this hike with Balam tours and I would highly recommend them. The hike is challenging so having a tour company that makes it easier is key. Our guides Johnny and Otta were outstanding and couldn’t have been more helpful. The food and accommodation was fantastic. We had one girl who injured her ankle at the end of the hike and they handled the situation brilliantly. Lindsey C

Definitely a highlight trip. Although the hike up was difficult, once we arrived to the already set-up campsite everything was totally worth it. We went through Balam Tours which we booked through Three Monkeys Hostel for 400Q. The tour guides were great, they gave surprisingly accurate time estimates to the next stops or when the track would not be so steep which I really appreciated. They provided jackets, gloves and beanies if needed but you had to supply 4L of water, 3L for you and 1L for them to cook with – so the backpack felt pretty heavy going up! But super easy going down as the backpack was super light. The campsite up the mountain was pretty cool – it looked directly at Fuego – which was very active and just incredible to see both in the day and at night time. The two tents were secured down and blocked a lot of wind. If you choose the bed next to the door, it is a lot colder so just warning! It was really cold when we went so I would recommend bringing a lot of warm clothing. Aleisha W

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And there you have it!

Pico Mayor Acatenango Volcano Guatemala

This isn’t a complete list, but it covers the best-known Acatengango hike tour operators out of Antigua. Other companies in Xela and Panajachel also offer excursions to Acatenango, so there are plenty of options if you want a tour based out of another location. If there’s enough interest, I may expand this list to include more tour companies, including more budget options such as Guate Valley.

If you haven’t already done so, learn everything you need to know about hiking Acatenango Volcano!

Looking for more volcanoes to climb? Check out my post on climbing San Pedro Volcano in Lake Atitlán, or choose one of these awesome Pacaya Volcano tours from Antigua.


Should I buy Guatemala travel insurance?
YES — Personally, I always travel with travel insurance because it gives me extra peace of mind. SafetyWing is an excellent travel insurance company that’s quite affordable. Plus, if you travel longterm, it’s a snap to renew on a month to month basis. You can keep renewing for up to a year and still pay the same deductible.

Where’s the best place for finding cheap flights to Guatemala?
When I purchase a ticket, I always search several different sites. Kayak and Expedia are great places to start running a search. Spirit is usually the cheapest carrier, but American Airlines and United also sometimes offer excellent deals.

What’s the best way to book my Guatemala accommodations?
I recommend for finding and booking hotels in Guatemala. For vacation rentals, I recommend — it offers beautiful and unique spots to stay.

What’s the best way to book Guatemala tours?
Viator is a great tour booking site with several excellent options available in Guatemala’s main tourist areas including Tikal, Atitlán, Antigua, and Acatenango. There’s a nice range of prices and options available.

Can you drink the water in Guatemala?
No – Don’t drink the tap water! Instead, buy purified water from any corner store or grocery store in Guatemala.

Be sure to brush your teeth with that water as well to avoid getting sick. And hydrated, especially when traveling to high elevations.

Do I need a visa for Guatemala?
Probably not — Visitors to Guatemala from “Category A” countries like the United States, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and most European countries are automatically given a 90-day tourist visa (in the form of a passport stamp) when entering Guatemala.

This visa is valid for Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. At the end of 90 days, it can be renewed once at Guatemala’s Migración without leaving the country.

After 180 days, you will have to travel outside of Central America before returning. Check to see if you need a visa.

Will my phone work in Guatemala?
It’s possible, but check with your provider in advance to see if Guatemala is covered. If not, you can easily pick up a local SIM card.

There are essentially only two carriers in the country: TIGO and CLARO. Both have good coverage.

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